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The Importance of Health & Fitness - Fly to FI

The Importance of Health & Fitness

Health and fitness are a crucial part of life, yet they are often overshadowed by the pursuit of money. I believe that the reason for this is due to the delayed gratification of a healthy lifestyle. People want easy, quick wins that are tangible and quantifiable. Sorry, but you don’t get six-pack abs after one […Read More]

A step-by-step guide to building your online business - Fly to FI

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Your Online Business

In recent years, the laptop lifestyle has enchanted entrepreneurs far and wide. Creative and ambitious individuals are making money online from anywhere they can get a WiFi signal. Everybody wants to invent the million dollar app, build a profitable hands-free business, or make fortunes in a get-rich-quick venture. Although I can’t promise that any of […Read More]

Credit Card Basics: Credit Score & Compound Interest

Credit Card Basics: Credit Scores & Compound Interest

I felt obligated to write this post because I know too many people who don’t understand how credit cards work. My aim is to clear up any confusion regarding credit cards, credit scores, and credit in general. Misunderstanding and misusing credit can have detrimental impacts on your financial future. Do you know anyone who could […Read More]

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