7 Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas You Didn’t Think Of

7 Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas You Didn’t Think Of

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It’s the holiday season and you know what that means … all budgets are off. Wrong! The holidays don’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are plenty of frugal holiday gift ideas that your friends, family, coworkers, and wallet will all love!

In order to succeed this holiday season you just need to brainstorm frugal holiday gift ideas (done for you in this post), write down your budget plan, and execute! It’s that simple.

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Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are the 9 best frugal holiday gift ideas you didn’t think of for your 2019 holiday season. Enjoy!

(1) Picture CollagesFrugal Holiday Gift - Picture Collage

  • What’s better than a bunch of amazing pictures of you and a loved one? You can buy pre-made collage frames from places like Shutterfly and upload your pictures directly to the website. The final product looks amazing, you barely have to do anything, and it has a personal touch.

Total Cost: $4.99 to $19.99 (depending on size)


 (2) Mason Jar Mixes Frugal Holiday Gift - Mason Jar Mixes

  • We’ve all seen the mason jars stuffed with various sweets and goods at our favorite holiday store, but do you know how cheap it is to make one of these from scratch? Check out these 30 recipes I found online!

Total Cost: < $10


(3) Food/Desserts Frugal Holiday Gift - Dessert

  • Taking the time to prepare your loved one’s favorite dish or dessert is a great frugal holiday gift alternative to purchasing something they may not even want or need. Even a pricey steak or lobster probably costs less than that new [insert useless item] that you were going to buy!

Total Cost: < $10


(4) Cheap Adventure/Outing Frugal Holiday Gift - Adventure / Outing

  • Regardless of your location, there are dozens of free activities to do around your town or city. Ideas could include ice skating in a public park, visiting a local museum, hiking a nearby trail, attending a local concert or play – the possibilities are endless!

Total Cost: FREE (or cheap at least)


(5) Scented Candles Frugal Holiday Gift - Scented Candles

  • I know what you’re thinking. You already thought of getting candles! However, did you know that you can purchase them much cheaper than you’d expect? I found a crazy cheap brand that seems to be a subsidiary of WalMart called ‘Better Homes & Gardens’. They’re oftentimes more than 50% less than their Yankee Candle equivalents.

Total Cost: $1.99 to $6.99


(6) Personalized Coupon Cards Frugal Holiday Gift - Personalized coupon cards

  • This one works especially well with immediate family and close friends. Is there something that your family member or friend needs done, but hates doing? If you don’t mind doing it as much, create personalized “coupon” cards for each specific task. You can create really amazing cards in Canva!

Total Cost: FREE!


(7) Custom Pillows Frugal Holiday Gift - Custom Pillows

  • You can get a custom 16″ by 16″ pillow on Amazon for a lot cheaper than you’d expect. Any picture you want, printed onto a pillow and delivered straight to your door. See what awesome frugal holiday gift pillows you can design here!

Total Cost: $9.39 – $13.99


Happy Holidays and Frugal on!


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  1. To me, a frugal gift also means something useful. My grandma made everyone mini sewing kits. She used her old prescription medicine bottles (cleaned with labels removed). She cut small strips of cardboard and wrapped the different colors of thread around that. She added a small scrap of felt with a few sewing needles stuck in. There was also a couple of standard buttons and a small pair of scissors. Total cost was $1 per kit for the scissors since she had everything else. You can probably buy a small sewing kit from the Dollar Tree though.

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