Blogress Report – July 2018

Blogress Report – July 2018

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Creator at Fly to FI
Cody is a personal finance junkie who constantly tracks his net worth with Personal Capital.

In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the globe for FREE using travel rewards.
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Welcome to the Fly to FI Blogress Report – July 2018! For those of you here for the first time, I post monthly reports detailing my blog stats, income statement, growth strategies, and more! I hope that you get some value out of this report and enjoy reading about my progress. Follow along each month as the Fly to FI community continues to grow!

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Blog Stats

This month I published 8 articles within 6 categories.

My Journey – 1 article

Blogress Report – June 2018

Mindset – 3 articles

Cash Flow FI

The Slight Edge: 1% Makes All the Difference

The Un-Budget: Say Goodbye to the Traditional Budget

Investing – 1 article

I Don’t Contribute to My 401K – Should You?

Travel – 1 article

Australia: My 5-Month Adventure

College – 1 article

Saving Money on Liquor: A Poor Man’s Guide

Guest Posts – 1 article

From Unemployment to Geoarbitrage | Rob from “Getting Canned”

The screenshots above are from my July 2018 Google Analytics Report which detail user interaction data on my website.

Sessions: This is the number of user interactions on my site.

Users: This is the number of unique user interactions on my site.

Page Views: This number represents the number of pages viewed on my site.

Bounce Rate: This percentage indicates how many single-page visits occurred on my site. A low bounce rate is better and means that users are viewing multiple pages on my site before leaving.

Organic Search: This number indicates how many people searched “Fly to FI” in Google (or another search engine) rather than clicking a link somewhere.

Pages/SessionThis number is calculated by [Page Views]/[Sessions].


John does a Google Search for the Fly to FI blog and reads three separate articles. He then returns to the blog several hours later and reads two more articles. How does this sequence of events affect my blog stats?

Sessions: +2. John logged two separate sessions.

Users: +1. No matter how many times John logs into my site this month, he will only count as one user.

Page Views: +5. John opened five separate pages to read each of the five blog articles.

Bounce Rate: 0%. John always visited more than one page on my site.

Organic Search: +1. This number is based on how many users search “Fly to FI” in a search engine, rather than clicking a link.

Pages/Session: 2.5. John read three articles in his first session and two articles in his second session (5 / 2 = 2.5).

Month-to-Month Analysis

Woohoo! This month was awesome in terms of users, sessions, and page views. Some of the other metrics decreased only slightly, but this is mainly due to a higher percentage of referral traffic. See that MEGA SPIKE in the Google Analytics graph up above…

…Thank you RockStar Finance!

Overall, this was a great month for me and I’m glad to see that the blog is gaining traction. Can’t wait to see what August has in store!

Income Statement


Net Income: $241.35. This month’s earnings were pretty good. Not quite as impressive as the previous two months, but still in the same ballpark. Let’s take a closer look at the blog’s income streams for July 2018.


FlexOffers: $0. FlexOffers is an affiliate program aggregator. If you own a website or blog, I highly recommend checking them out. I use their platform to promote products or services that I truly believe in. One example is Personal Capital.

Personal Capital is a FREE online tool to help track your spending and net worth. If you’re not already using this awesome software, click here to get started!

M1 Finance: $100. M1 Finance is awesome. They offer FREE robo-advising and the purchase of fractional shares. If you’d rather not worry about your investments, let M1 take care of them for you. They are also commission-free and do not charge asset management fees. I personally like M1 for investing in individual stocks with my “play” money. Check out my M1 Finance review and account setup guide.

Acclaim Network: $120. The Acclaim Network is another affiliate program aggregator that I use. One service that I promote through their platform is Credit Land.

Credit Land is a credit card review website. They analyze new credit card bonuses and special offers every month. This site is a great resource for anyone interested in travel rewards. You can apply for your next card through my affiliate link to support this blog!



Google Adsense: $1.35. For the third month in a row, these earnings are quite pitiful. Oh well! I’m not a huge fan of ads anyway. I only include ads in the footer on my site because ads within articles and content are annoying.


Airbnb Credit: $20. In my How to Travel the World with Free Accommodation post, I detailed how to unlock the synergies between Airbnb and credit card rewards.

I included my Airbnb referral link and another person used it to sign up and book a trip. Thank you mystery person #2! If you use my referral link to sign up for Airbnb you receive $40 in free travel credit. What are you waiting for? Click here to get started!


Total Expenses: $0. Seem low? Here’s why.

  • Domain: Purchased for $12.99 in April 2018
  • Hosting: I already had website hosting set up for Arsenal Discs. On my SiteGround hosting plan, adding another website was free of charge.
  • Email list: I currently use MailChimp to run my email list, which is free.
  • Housekeeping: Everything you see on the site is done by me! I have yet to hire a tech or virtual assistant. 


None this month.

Growth Strategies

I am constantly trying to grow the Fly to FI Community. I work hard to curate quality content so I’d like to reach as many people as possible. I’ll break down the growth strategies I used in July 2018.

Guest Posts

This month, I wrote about the Pitfalls of the Nine to Five on my friend Gwen’s blog, Fiery Millennials.

I was also featured on the Humble Dollar with the Four Best Ways to Cut College Costs.

I wrote one additional guest post that will not be released until a future date so stay tuned 🙂

Podcast Appearances

This month I was featured on three podcasts: ChooseFI, The Mastermind Within, and Young Smart Money.

I also recorded two other podcasts this month, but those will be released at a later date 🙂


Back in January 2018, I attended my first CampFI meetup and it changed my life. I received tremendous support from the community and that’s ultimately what convinced me to start this blog.

Anyway, I’ll be a guest speaker at CampFI South this year and it would be great to meet you, readers! If you’re lucky enough to be reading this before it’s sold out, you can use the discount code “FlytoFI” to get $75 off your ticket.

Sign up here or click on the picture below. See you there!

Camp FI South

Social Media and Online Presence

Social media accounts are great for connecting with the community and growing the Fly to FI brand. I used multiple platforms quite regularly this month. I also dabbled in a few more than last month. I’m basically just throwing virtual spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.


This month I was active in a handful of relevant Facebook groups including ChooseFI, FIRE Drill Community, Mustachians on Facebook, Mustachians in Practice, FinCon Community, and my very own group Cash Flow FI Facebook group. If you haven’t read my Cash Flow FI article yet, I highly suggest that you do and then join the group if interested!

I enjoy offering my advice and staying up to date with the community. When appropriate, I link to one of my relevant articles in reply to a post.

Let me give a quick shout out to Doug Nordman (Nords) who blogs over at The Military Guide. When I first started blogging, I barely received any “likes” on my Facebook posts or tweets. With that being said, Nords liked almost every one of my posts and I’ll always remember that. Never forget to support the little guy… it really means a lot 🙂

I increased my Facebook Page likes to 46 this month as well. If you haven’t already, check out the Facebook Page!


Not much of a change in strategy from last month.

Twitter is great for connecting with other bloggers and members of the personal finance community. Using the “share” feature on other bloggers’ sites allows me to quickly share their posts with my followers.  Follow me at @flytofi


Not much of a change in strategy from last month.

Although Instagram is not the best platform for increasing blog traffic due to its “link-blocking”, I like to use it to connect with the community. I post at least once every three days and share my daily activities and adventures. Follow me at @flytofi


This is an awesome app to compensate for the “link-blocking” I mentioned on Instagram. You just place your Linktree URL in your Instagram bio and you can link to multiple websites (Email List, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) on just one page! Check mine out here!


I stopped using this application because it was time-consuming and didn’t really contribute to the blog’s growth.

Telegram is an app where users can share Instagram posts with one another. I am currently a member of a group with 10 users and we comment, share, and like each other’s content. This allows my Instagram account to rank higher and reach more people.

Crowdfire / Buffer

Crowdfire and Buffer are social media auto-schedulers. I use Crowdfire to schedule my own content for Facebook Page Posts, Twitter Posts, and Instagram Posts. On the other hand, I use Buffer to share other people’s content on Twitter and Facebook.

I definitely slowed down with these apps a bit, but I still use them occasionally to share content.


This month I used my 15-day trial on Tailwind. Tailwind is a Pinterest auto-scheduler that makes posting and sharing pins easy. I joined several “Tribes”, which is just a fancy term for Tailwind Group. I definitely saw a decent amount of traction after I joined Tailwind, but still less than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you’d like to get 15 days free like I did, use my referral link, please 🙂

I didn’t seem to have too much luck from my Pinterest Groups. I joined various groups related to money and personal finance but I haven’t had too many people click over to my site. I’ll just keep going and see what happens.

For Pinterest, long photos are the name of the game. The longer your photo is, the more likely it is to be clicked. I use Canva to create free, long Pinterest photos. This Pinterest thing is a lot harder than it looks!

I’d really appreciate any support I can get. Let me know how my pins look 🙂 They are definitely getting better with time. Check out my Pinterest profile here!

Google Plus

Google Plus has not yielded very impressive results. I’ve still been posting my articles in the relevant “communities”, but I don’t see many clicks to my site. I would probably stop posting on the platform altogether if WordPress didn’t automatically publish my posts for me. Check out my Google Plus page and join the Fly to FI Community.


I slowed down my Reddit activity a bit, but the two sub-Reddits that I am most active in are /financialindependence and /Elite_Fin_Bloggers. Subscribe to both and you’ll probably see me writing posts and comments. Follow my Reddit profile here!


Wow, I really suck! Two months and I still don’t have any content as I promised. Alright, this is the month… Let’s hope. Follow my YouTube channel here!

Finance Forums/Websites

This month I was very active in the Rockstar Finance Forums and the MMM Forums. I continued to connect with potential readers in the forums and showed that I’m committed to helping others and producing quality content.

On July 26th, I was also fortunate enough to be featured on Rockstar Finance! This was HUGE for subscriber growth and website views. Hopefully, I’ll continue to create Rockstar-quality content 🙂

In early July, I submitted my blog to the Modest Money Top Finance Blogs directory. I’ve been slowly climbing up the ranks since I first posted my badge. I think I started around #1037 and now I’m down to #912 at the time of this posting.

Modest Money Blogs

Site Improvements

This month I updated my About page, Home Page, and Main Sidebar. I’m always making tweaks to improve functionality and make the site look better.

I also added a new Travel Rewards tab to my main menu. Please use my affiliate link to sign up for your next credit card if you’d like to support this blog. There’s no additional cost to you, and it helps me to keep the site running 🙂

July 2018 Goal Analysis

Back in my June 2018 Blogress Report, I set the following goals. Let’s see how I fared!

  • Publish at least 10 quality articlesFAIL. I think I’m going to lower the bar on this goal for future months. Eight posts seem to be my sweet spot where I can average two articles per week.
  • Write at least 1 guest post  PASS! I wrote exactly one guest post in July.
  • Record at least 2 podcasts – PASS! I recorded exactly two podcasts in July.
  • Grow social media and online presence – PASS! Both my mailing list and social media follower counts grew. Still making progress!
  • Make progress on my mega project (to be revealed)HELL YES!!! I got so much work done on this project this month. Just wait until August when it will be revealed 🙂

Next Month’s Goals

Each month, I outline my future blog goals in the form of a checklist. In my next Blogress Report, I will reflect back and see where I succeeded and where I failed. Writing down this checklist holds me accountable 🙂

  • Publish at least 8 quality articles
  • Write at least 1 guest post
  • Guest feature on at least 2 podcasts
  • Grow social media and online presence
  • Finish up the mega project for its August release!

Thanks for checking in to the Blogress Report – July 2018! If you have any ideas to make Fly to FI even better, shoot me an email at See you next month!

If this content helped you, please share! Website traffic helps to keep the lights on and allows me to keep producing helpful content.

Note: I am not a financial advisor or fiduciary. All the information presented in this article reflects my opinion. I am not liable for any financial losses incurred related to this content. My content is always written with the readers’ best interests in mind. I believe that my content is helpful and well-researched, but it is not professional financial advice. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

11 thoughts on “Blogress Report – July 2018”

    • Hey Erik! 2 posts a week is definitely enough for me. It’s just a rough guideline too. I feel like if I set a specific number of posts for specific days of the week then I would take the fun out of blogging for me. I commend you for tacking three posts a week… that’s crazy! Let’s see where this thing takes me in month 4 😀

  1. To anyone reading this and thinking of starting a blog to produce some side income, this post is a GOLDMINE of good info on how to develop your readership! (Where was this post when I started my blog a few months ago lol?!)

    These results are an awesome start. Cody is literally building an income producing asset with this work that I’m sure will continue to grow in value. As much as I and the community tend to love passive index investing, imagine how much you would need to invest to get over $200 a month in dividends. Current dividend yields on an S&P 500 index would require over a $100,000 investment to generate this much income. Keep up the good work man. You’re delivering value!

    • Thanks for all the kind words, Rob! I’ve been having a blast blogging and sharing my ideas with the community.

      If I can earn a little bit of side hustle income for all the time that I’ve been putting in, even better! This community has been so awesome and supportive and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  2. Great job Cody.

    You are certainly getting the good stuff out there and making the rounds with your content and knowledge about hacking college. I took the Army route, which was a pretty awesome hack, but it also is probably only for a narrow niche of the student population.

    But hey, I came out with a huge positive net worth and I loved what I did. Win, win!

    • Thanks Cooper! The Army is definitely an awesome financial hack if you’re up for the challenge. Although it wasn’t the right path for me (I hate taking orders), it could definitely help to finance someone else’s college career. The pension benefits are certainly difficult to compete with as well! Glad to hear that you’re crushing the game and it’s always a pleasure reading your content. Will you be attending FinCon?

  3. Excellent numbers, Cody! Your blog is doing well! I’m still in the process of learning how to increase page views past the 2,500 to 3,000 page view mark. Hearing about your goals and seeing your blog stats did help. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, RTC! Glad you got some value out of my post. Your page views will grow steadily as you continue to pump out awesome content. Thanks for stopping by!

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