Blogress Report – May 2018

Blogress Report – May 2018

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May was the first full month that Fly to FI has been running! Every month from here on out, I will share the blog’s progress in a monthly Blogress Report. In this report, I will detail my monthly blog stats, income statement, growth strategies, future blog goals and more. Follow along each month as the Fly to FI community continues to grow!

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Blog Stats

This month I published 9 articles within 3 categories.

Mindset – 6 articles

Change the Societal “Do Nothing” Default

Cracking The Nest Egg

The Savings Paradox

The Expense Floor: Why Income Matters

The Problems with Cash

Why You Should Never Trust Inflation Numbers

Investing – 2 articles

M1 Finance – Start Investing Today

Real Estate: From Zero to Financial Independence

Side Hustles – 1 article

UberEats Bicycle – Skinny Waist, Skinny Wallet

Fly to FI Google Analytics Summary

The screenshot above is my May 2018 Google Analytics Report, which details user interaction data on my website.

Sessions: 1,426. This is the number of user interactions on my site.

Users: 944. This is the number of unique user interactions on my site.

Page Views: 7,391. This number represents the number of pages viewed on my site.

Bounce Rate: 57.15%. This percentage indicates how many single-page visits occurred on my site. A low bounce rate is better and means that users are viewing multiple pages on my site before leaving.

Organic Search: 28. This number indicates how many people searched “Fly to FI” in Google rather than clicking a link somewhere.

Pages/Session: 5.18. This number is calculated by [Page Views]/[Sessions].

Here is an example to help you better understand these numbers.


John does a Google Search for the Fly to FI blog and reads three separate articles. He then returns to the blog several hours later and reads two more articles. How does this sequence of events affect my blog stats?

Sessions: +2. John logged two separate sessions.

Users: +1. No matter how many times John logs into my site this month, he will only count as one user.

Page Views: +5. John opened five separate pages to read each of the five blog articles.

Bounce Rate: 0%. John always visited more than one page on my site.

Organic Search: +1. This number is based on how many users search “Fly to FI” in a search engine, rather than clicking a link

Pages/Session: 2.5. John read three articles in his first session and two articles in his second session (5 / 2 = 2.5)

I am generally happy with all of the numbers I recorded in May 2018. I don’t have much to compare them to since this is my first Blogress Report, but I’ll try to improve them next month!

Income Statement

Fly to FI May 2018 Income Statement


Total Income: $301.29. Not bad for my first full month! Let’s take a look at my income streams for May 2018.


FlexOffers: $200. FlexOffers is an affiliate program aggregator. If you own a website or blog, I highly recommend checking them out. I use their platform to promote products or services that I truly believe in. One example is Personal Capital.

Personal Capital is a FREE online tool to help track your spending and net worth. If you’re not already using this awesome software, click here to get started!

M1 Finance: $100. M1 Finance is the first investment platform that offers FREE robo-advising. If you’d rather not worry about your investments, let M1 take care of them for you. They are also commission-free and do not charge asset management fees. Check out my M1 Finance review and account setup guide.


Google Adsense: $1.29. As you can see, Google Adsense does not bring in much revenue. Their payouts are based on page views and click rates, so maybe I just need to get my page views up! I only include these ads in the footer on my site because ads within articles and content are annoying.


Total Expenses: $0! For May 2018, the site cost $0 to run. But how is that possible?

  • Domain: Purchased for $12.99 in April 2018
  • Hosting: I already had website hosting set up for Arsenal Discs. On my SiteGround hosting plan, adding another website was free of charge.
  • Email list: I currently use MailChimp to run my email list, which is free.
  • Housekeeping: Everything you see on the site is done by me! I have yet to hire a tech or virtual assistant. 

Growth Strategies

I am constantly trying to grow the Fly to FI Community. I work hard to curate quality content so I’d like to reach as many people as possible. I’ll break down the growth strategies I used in May 2018.

Guest Posts

This month I featured on the Mastermind Within with a post about Taking Action. Check it out!

The Importance of Taking Action: Success Through Failure

I also wrote two additional guest posts. However, I will share them in my future Blogress Reports as the posts are released. Stay tuned!

Podcast Appearances

On May 21st I was fortunate to feature on the FIRE Drill Podcast. Listen to the episode here!

Cody from Fly to FI on FIRE Drill Podcast

I recorded one other podcast this month as well, but I will hold off on sharing until it is released. 🙂

Social Media and Online Presence

Social media accounts are great for connecting with the community and growing the Fly to FI brand. I used multiple platforms quite regularly this month.


I think Facebook’s most valuable attribute is the “Group” feature. I actively participate in several personal finance groups to share my expertise and recommend relevant blog posts. I’m hoping to increase my “Page Likes” next month. I’m currently only at 24. If you haven’t already, check out the Facebook Page!


Twitter is great for connecting with other bloggers and members of the personal finance community. Using the “share” feature on other bloggers’ sites allows me to quickly share their posts with my followers.  Follow me at @flytofi


Although Instagram is not the best platform for increasing blog traffic due to its “link-blocking”, I like to use it to connect with the community. I post at least once every three days and share my daily activities and adventures. Follow me at @flytofi


Full disclosure: I am completely new to Pinterest. I looked at several tutorials and understand the general gist of the platform, but I’m sure I could be doing a better job. I’m constantly working to become better at something every day and Pinterest is on that list. Check out my Pinterest profile!

Google Plus

Similar to Pinterest, I am a novice at best on this platform. I know that Google Plus helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so I’m determined to learn and improve. Check out my Google Plus page!


There is a HUGE user base in the Financial Independence sub-Reddit. This is another platform I am just getting the hang of. Follow that sub-Reddit and you just might see me writing posts and comments. Follow my Reddit profile here!


Unfortunately, I haven’t uploaded any videos yet. But this will be coming soon! Follow my YouTube channel here!


This month I was very active in the Rockstar Finance Forums along with the MMM Forums. I think that connecting with potential readers in the forums shows that I’m committed to helping others and producing quality content.

Site Improvements

I made some tweaks to the website to improve functionality. These changes included the Home page, Resources page, and Blog navigation.

Next Month’s Goals

Each month, I will outline my future blog goals in the form of a checklist. In my next Blogress Report, I will reflect back and see where I succeeded and where I failed. Hopefully, writing down this checklist will keep me accountable!

  • Publish at least 10 quality articles
  • Write at least 2 guest posts
  • Record at least 1 podcast
  • Grow social media and online presence
  • Make progress on my mega project (to be revealed)

Thanks for checking in to the May 2018 Blogress Report! If you have any ideas to make Fly to FI even better, shoot me an email at See you next month!

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Note: I am not a financial advisor or fiduciary. All of the information presented in this article reflects my opinion. I am not liable for any financial losses incurred related to this content. My content is always written with the readers’ best interests in mind. I believe that my content is helpful and well-researched, but it is not professional financial advice. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

5 thoughts on “Blogress Report – May 2018”

  1. Love the content and super interested to follow your progress. I really like this idea. It helps keep you accountable while also showing others how to go about their own goals. One thing to be aware about mailchiMa is their terms of service do NOT allow for affiliate links in mail sent by their platform. Keep that in mind. Affiliate links on your website are fine to my undetundersta. Keep up the great work

    • Hey Paul! It was great meeting you at CampFI. Thanks for checking out the post.

      I am aware that MailChimp does not allow for affiliate links in their email campaigns. I currently only use them to send out a weekly newsletter to notify all my readers of my new posts.

      If I choose to use affiliate links in my future campaigns, I think I’ll make the switch to ConvertKit. Thanks for the warning!

  2. Cody, this is awesome! I just launched my blog about a month ago, and I’ve definitely seen some success, more than i perhaps expected, and ended up closing out our first month at 3009 page views.

    I feel like i have so much to learn, and looking at what you have been able to do in a very short time as well, is very impressive. You are definitely doing a lot of marketing, through guest posts and various social media platforms i have not even delved into yet. Seems a bit daunting!

    It is also so impressive how you’ve been able to monetize so quickly. I definitely could learn a lot from you. I’ll be following your progress in the months to come for sure. Congratulations on your success to date!

    • Thanks Half Life Theory! I’ve definitely seen that you’ve been active on social media lately.

      I want to use these monthly reports to keep me accountable and to help me continue to grow my blog.

      Thanks for reading and I hope that you find my content useful!


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