Blogress Report – October 2018

Blogress Report – October 2018

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Welcome to the Fly to FI Blogress Report – October 2018! For those of you here for the first time, I post monthly reports detailing my blog stats, income statement, growth strategies, and more! I hope that you get some value out of this report and enjoy reading about my progress. Follow along each month as the Fly to FI community continues to grow!

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Blog Posts

This month I published 5 articles within 4 categories.

Mindset – 1 article

Dispelling the FIRE Movement Misconceptions

My Journey – 1 article

Blogress Report – September 2018

Investing – 1 article

How Much Do Your Daily Work Habits Actually Cost You?

Guest Posts – 2 articles

What I’d Tell My 20-Year-Old Self About Financial Freedom | Joseph Hogue

11 Strategies for Raising a Money-Smart Kid | Guest Post from my Mom!

Podcast Episodes (Big News!)

006 | Casually Saving 90% of Your Income | Lily @ The Frugal Gene

007 | From Account to Full-Time Entrepreneur | PT Money

008 | The Low-Hanging Fruits of FI

009 | Camp FI South Takeaways & Community Feedback

010 | Overcoming Adversity | Jillian @ Montana Money Adventures

Goodbye FIRE Below Zero, Hello to The FI Show

Retire Early With Real Estate | Coach Carson | Episode 1

As you may have heard, TJ and I are no longer working together on the FIRE Below Zero Podcast. Instead, I have an awesome new co-host — Justin from — to help me run the show! We have completely re-branded and the podcast is now called ‘The FI Show’. We’ve been working real hard behind the scenes so we hope you enjoy it.

If you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave a rating/review! This helps to let us know that we are delivering quality content and to lock down some big name guests for you listeners!

iTunes: Subscribe, Rate, and Review!

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Blog Stats

October 2018 Google Analytics

October Stats - Fly to FI

Month-to-Month Analysis

Month-to-Month Analysis - Fly to FI

I am super pumped about this month’s blog numbers! My user count, session count, and page views more than DOUBLED from last month. I’ve been doing a lot more marketing of my content through my various social media platforms (outlined below) and it seems to be paying dividends.

Overall, I am extremely happy with achieving ~10,000 page views in my sixth month of blogging. The sky is the limit!

Income Statement

Fly to FI October Income Statement


Net Income: $186.81. Not too bad since I only put out five posts this month (two of which were guest posts). I was super busy with the launching of our new podcast, The FI Show, so I didn’t have as much time as I’d wanted to work on the blog. Let’s take a closer look at the blog’s income streams for October 2018.


Acclaim Network: $150. The Acclaim Network is another affiliate program aggregator that I use. One service that I promote through their platform is Credit Land.

Credit Land is a credit card review website. They analyze new credit card bonuses and special offers every month. This site is a great resource for anyone interested in travel rewards. You can apply for your next card now to support this blog!


Personal Capital: $50. Personal Capital is a FREE online tool to help track your spending and net worth. It aggregates all of your assets and liabilities and can quickly give you a snapshot of your overall financial position. If you’re not already using this awesome software, click here to get started!


Google Adsense: $1.81. I’m rich! As you may have noticed, I only have ads in the footer of the site. With that being said, it doesn’t bring it too much revenue.


Total Expenses: $35. Seem low? Here’s why.

  • Domain: Purchased for $12.99 in April 2018
  • Hosting: I already had website hosting set up for Arsenal Discs. On my SiteGround hosting plan, adding another website was free of charge.
  • Email list: I currently use MailChimp to run my email list, which is free.
  • Housekeeping: Everything you see on the site is done by me! I have yet to hire a tech or virtual assistant. 


Hosting: $20. I currently use Blubrry for hosting the podcast and could not be more pleased with their service. I have had no technical difficulties whatsoever and their customer service team is fast and responsive. Additionally, Blubrry offers comprehensive statistics about the podcast and integrates into WordPress seamlessly with the PowerPress plugin.

Miscellaneous: $15. This was the split cost for The FI Show logo and other digital assets. I decided to put it in this category so that I don’t just have a random, one-time ‘logo’ category that never gets used again.

The FI Show

Pretty sweet… am I right?


None this month.

Growth Strategies

I am constantly trying to grow the Fly to FI Community. I work hard to curate quality content so I’d like to reach as many people as possible. I’ll break down the growth strategies I used in October 2018.

Guest Post Appearances

This month, four of my guest posts were published (busy month, huh?!).

How Geoarbitrage Can Translate to Financial Freedom

Financial Independence Found Early

On Your Path to Financial Independence, Stop and Smell the Roses

Ask and You Shall Receive

Podcast Appearances

None were published this month. I recorded one as a guest though!

The FI Show

This month was SUPER busy as I transitioned the podcast over from FIRE Below Zero to The FI Show. There’s a lot more work that needs to be done that what you see at face value.

With all that being said, my co-host Justin and I are extremely excited about how things are shaping up and we can’t wait to produce more content for you listeners. If you haven’t yet, make sure to go check it out!

Social Media and Online Presence

Social media accounts are great for connecting with the community and growing the Fly to FI brand. I’m basically just throwing virtual spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.


This month I was active in a handful of relevant Facebook groups including The FI Show, ChooseFI, FIRE Drill Community, Mustachians on Facebook, Mustachians in Practice, and FinCon Community.

I enjoy offering my advice and staying up to date with the community. When appropriate, I link to one of my relevant articles in reply to a post.

I increased my Facebook Page likes to 65 this month as well. If you haven’t already, check out the Facebook Page!


Twitter is great for connecting with other bloggers and members of the personal finance community. Using the “share” feature on other bloggers’ sites allows me to quickly share their posts with my followers.  Follow me at @flytofi


Although Instagram is not the best platform for increasing blog traffic due to its “link-blocking”, I like to use it to connect with the community. If you’d like to do more seeing than reading or listening, Follow me at @flytofi


This is an awesome app to compensate for the “link-blocking” I mentioned on Instagram. You just place your Linktree URL in your Instagram bio and you can link to multiple websites (Email List, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) on just one page! Check mine out here!

Crowdfire / Buffer

Crowdfire and Buffer are social media auto-schedulers. I use Crowdfire to schedule my own content for Facebook Page Posts, Twitter Posts, and Instagram Posts. On the other hand, I use Buffer to share other people’s content on Twitter and Facebook.


I’ve continued to use Tailwind to bolster my Pinterest activity. Tailwind is a Pinterest auto-scheduler that makes posting and sharing pins easy. I joined several “Tribes”, which is just a fancy term for Tailwind Groups. I definitely saw an uptick in traffic after I joined Tailwind.

If you’d like to get 15 days free like I did, use my referral link, please!

For Pinterest, long photos are the name of the game. The longer your photo is, the more likely it is to be clicked. I use Canva to create free, long Pinterest photos. This Pinterest thing is a lot harder than it looks!

Check out my Pinterest profile here!

Google Plus

It has been recently announced that Google Plus will be shutting down! Since my posts get automatically uploaded to my profile, it doesn’t really affect me anyway. While it’s still around… Check out my Google Plus page and join the Fly to FI Community!


I spent a lot more time on Reddit this past month. Check out some subs in the finance space and you’ll probably run into me. Follow my Reddit profile here!

Finance Forums/Websites

This month I was mostly active in the Rockstar Finance Forums. I interacted with other bloggers/podcasters and shared content. Collaborating and working with other influencers has been key to the blog’s growth.

I’ve been jumping around in the Modest Money Top Finance Blogs directory. Last month I was at #540 and now I’m up to #705! Not sure how their algorithm works but hopefully I can continue to improve my rank.

Modest Money Blogs

Where Can I Improve?

I am constantly trying to improve the Fly to FI brand and deliver the best possible content to you readers.

If you have any suggestions to improve my content, site, brand, or anything at all please contact me at cody [at] flytofi [dot] com. I’m also open to new business ventures and opportunities. Don’t hesitate to hit me up!

Thanks for checking in to the Blogress Report – October 2018. See you next month!

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October 2018 Blogress Report

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  1. I didn’t realize you and I probably started around the same time. Very cool (I started April 23).

    Great blogress report. As long as things are trending upward you must be doing something right 😊

    I have tried concentrating on reddit and pinterest because I am not comfortable in those two platforms. I like Twitter as it seems more user friendly. But definitely would like to branch out and hopefully market my blog some too

    Keep up the good work and pretty soon we both will have yr old blogs

    • Oh wow, we really did start right next to each other! Things have been trending upward which has been great. I’ve definitely been trying to focus my energy on new avenues like Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest lately to drive traffic. Still love good ole Twitter and Facebook though! We’ll have to do something cool like trade guest posts for our one year blogoversary 😉


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