Blogress Report – September 2018

Blogress Report – September 2018

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Welcome to the Fly to FI Blogress Report – September 2018! For those of you here for the first time, I post monthly reports detailing my blog stats, income statement, growth strategies, and more! I hope that you get some value out of this report and enjoy reading about my progress. Follow along each month as the Fly to FI community continues to grow!

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Blog Posts

This month I published 5 articles within 4 categories.

Side Hustles – 1 article

Scalability: Work Smarter Not Harder

My Journey – 3 articles

Camp FI South Recap

Blogress Report – August 2018

Investing – 1 article

How to Control Your Money

Guest Posts – 1 article

Crushing Your Debt Demons

Podcast Episodes

003 | Earning $150,000 While Traveling Full Time | Brad Rice

004 | From Poverty to Privilege | TJ Backstory

005 | Ready, Set, Gap Year! | Noah & Becky @ Money Metagame

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Blog Stats

Month-to-Month Analysis

If you look at these numbers, you’ll notice that user growth skyrocketed, while the “retaining” metrics in the bottom row declined. This was because How to Beat the Expense Ratio was featured on RockStar Finance!

Income Statement

September 2018 Fly to FI Income Statement


Net Income: $151.79. Another slow(ish) month. I can’t blame the lower revenue since I barely posted. This month was packed with even bigger and better growth opportunities (explained later). Let’s take a closer look at the blog’s income streams for September 2018.


SiteGround: $50. This is the best website I have used for hosting a domain. I typically buy my domains through GoDaddy and then host them on SiteGround. The process is simple and SiteGround provides great website speed and customer support. They offer hosting packages from $4.95 per month, but I’d recommend the “Go Big” $7.45 per month option if you plan to expand your audience or have multiple sites. Get hosting with SiteGround today with this link.

Acclaim Network: $120. The Acclaim Network is another affiliate program aggregator that I use. One service that I promote through their platform is Credit Land.

Credit Land is a credit card review website. They analyze new credit card bonuses and special offers every month. This site is a great resource for anyone interested in travel rewards. You can apply for your next card now to support this blog!



Google Adsense: $1.79. Once again, these earnings are quite pitiful. Oh well! I’m not a huge fan of ads anyway. I only include ads in the footer on my site because ads within articles and content are annoying.


Total Expenses: $20. Seem low? Here’s why.

  • Domain: Purchased for $12.99 in April 2018
  • Hosting: I already had website hosting set up for Arsenal Discs. On my SiteGround hosting plan, adding another website was free of charge.
  • Email list: I currently use MailChimp to run my email list, which is free.
  • Housekeeping: Everything you see on the site is done by me! I have yet to hire a tech or virtual assistant. 


Hosting: $20. I currently use Blubrry for hosting the podcast and could not be more pleased with their service. I have had no technical difficulties whatsoever and their customer service team is fast and responsive. Additionally, Blubrry offers comprehensive statistics about the podcast and integrates into WordPress seamlessly with the PowerPress plugin.


None this month.

Growth Strategies

I am constantly trying to grow the Fly to FI Community. I work hard to curate quality content so I’d like to reach as many people as possible. I’ll break down the growth strategies I used in September 2018.

Guest Posts

This month I wrote one guest post. Once it’s published I’ll share on the next Blogress Report!

Podcast Appearances

This month I was featured on one podcast: Popcorn Finance.

CampFI South

On September 7th, I flew down to Little Rock, Arkansas for Camp FI South. Who would have thought I’d ever visit Arkansas?! Anyway, I had the time of my life hanging out with old friends and making new ones. If you’ve never heard of Camp FI, check out my lengthy Camp FI South Recap!

Did you read it? If you did I bet you’ll want some tickets for 2019 so I’ll drop the link here.


WOW is all I can say. FinCon 2018 in Orlando was so amazing and life changing. I finally got to put faces to websites as I met dozens of blogger friends from all across the internet. I left the event with more ideas than I know what to do with … October is about to be a crazy month!

Cody Berman and PT Money
Me with PT Money — Founder of FinCon!

FinCon 2019 will be in Washington, DC and tickets are already available. Grab ’em while they’re hot!

Social Media and Online Presence

Social media accounts are great for connecting with the community and growing the Fly to FI brand. I’m basically just throwing virtual spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.


This month I was active in a handful of relevant Facebook groups including FIRE Below Zero, ChooseFI, FIRE Drill Community, Mustachians on Facebook, Mustachians in Practice, and FinCon Community.

I enjoy offering my advice and staying up to date with the community. When appropriate, I link to one of my relevant articles in reply to a post.

I increased my Facebook Page likes to 58 this month as well. If you haven’t already, check out the Facebook Page!


Twitter is great for connecting with other bloggers and members of the personal finance community. Using the “share” feature on other bloggers’ sites allows me to quickly share their posts with my followers.  Follow me at @flytofi


Although Instagram is not the best platform for increasing blog traffic due to its “link-blocking”, I like to use it to connect with the community. If you’d like to do more seeing than reading or listening, Follow me at @flytofi


This is an awesome app to compensate for the “link-blocking” I mentioned on Instagram. You just place your Linktree URL in your Instagram bio and you can link to multiple websites (Email List, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) on just one page! Check mine out here!

Crowdfire / Buffer

Crowdfire and Buffer are social media auto-schedulers. I use Crowdfire to schedule my own content forFacebook Page Posts, Twitter Posts, and Instagram Posts. On the other hand, I use Buffer to share other people’s content on Twitter and Facebook.

I definitely slowed down with these apps a bit, but I still use them occasionally to share content.


I’ve continued to use Tailwind to bolster my Pinterest activity. Tailwind is a Pinterest auto-scheduler that makes posting and sharing pins easy. I joined several “Tribes”, which is just a fancy term for Tailwind Groups. I definitely saw an uptick in traffic after I joined Tailwind.

If you’d like to get 15 days free like I did, use my referral link, please!

For Pinterest, long photos are the name of the game. The longer your photo is, the more likely it is to be clicked. I use Canva to create free, long Pinterest photos. This Pinterest thing is a lot harder than it looks!

Check out my Pinterest profile here!

Google Plus

Google Plus has not yielded very impressive results. I’ve still been posting my articles in the relevant “communities”, but I don’t see many clicks to my site. I would probably stop posting on the platform altogether if WordPress didn’t automatically publish my posts for me. Check out my Google Plus page and join the Fly to FI Community.


I’ve slowly started to get more involved in the Reddit community. Check out some subs in the finance space and you’ll probably run into me. Follow my Reddit profile here!


Still no videos, but every podcast episode will be posted to YouTube this month. Follow my YouTube channel here!

Finance Forums/Websites

This month I was mostly active in the Rockstar Finance Forums. I interacted with other bloggers/podcasters and shared content.

I’m slowly moving up in the Modest Money Top Finance Blogs directory. Last month I was at #828 and now I’m down to #540!

Modest Money Blogs

Where Can I Improve?

I am constantly trying to improve the Fly to FI brand. After FinCon 2018, my brain is packed with ideas so expect some awesome changes and improvement this October!

If you have any suggestions to improve my content, site, brand, or anything at all please contact me at cody [at] flytofi [dot] com. I’m also open to new business ventures and opportunities. Don’t hesitate to hit me up!

Thanks for checking in to the Blogress Report – September 2018. See you next month!

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Blogress Report - September 2018 | Fly to FI

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  1. Why modest money messing with your ranking bro? I just saw it at 540 like you said, now its down in the 700’s. I’ve probably slipped as well.

    Anyways, congrats Cody! You’re numbers are always impressive. Keep killing it man!

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