Crushing Your Debt Demons | Ashley from Budgets Made Easy

I don’t talk about debt very often due to the fact that I was fortunate enough to avoid it. However, I do understand that debt can crush people and leave their financial houses in shambles. That’s why I decided to bring in someone who faced the debt demon head on and eventually persevered.

Today’s guest post is from Ashley with Budgets Made Easy.Read More

From Unemployment to Geoarbitrage | Rob from “Getting Canned”

Today’s guest post comes from Rob at “Getting Canned”. He’s had quite the FI journey so far and I really think you’ll enjoy reading his story. From unemployment to geoarbitrage, Rob’s been through it all. Nobody can tell his story better than he can though. Enjoy the read!

First of all, thanks to Cody for allowing me to tell my story here.… Read More