Does Inflation Affect You?

Why You Should Never Trust Inflation Numbers

I’m sure you’ve heard the term inflation before. But what does it mean? How is it calculated? I’m here to break down all the confusion about what inflation actually is. It might surprise you that your inflation number can be vastly different than somebody else’s! Merriam Webster defines inflation as “a general increase in prices … Read moreDoes Inflation Affect You?

Is Cash Really King?

The Problems with Cash

We are slowly moving toward a cashless society. For those who value optimization, this is great news! Cash is inefficient and inconvenient. If cash were to become obsolete tomorrow, I would be ecstatic (sorry drug dealers). Let’s break down some of the reasons why cash is sub-optimal at best. Important Note: If you are not … Read moreIs Cash Really King?

How to Maximize Your Savings Gap

Mind The Gap - Income Matters

The only way to accumulate wealth is to create a gap between your income and your spending also known as the savings gap. The rate at which you accumulate wealth depends on the size of this gap. Much of traditional retirement guidance focuses on expense cutting and frugality. However, what happens when your expenses are cut … Read moreHow to Maximize Your Savings Gap

Why You Aren’t Really Saving

The Savings Paradox - Fly to FI

This post was inspired by a discussion I recently read in one of my active Facebook groups. Some members of the financial independence community felt targeted by the stereotypes attributed to the “typical non-FI” person. These stereotypes include eating at restaurants frequently, paying for cable, indulging in daily lattes, going out for drinks, and many … Read moreWhy You Aren’t Really Saving

Is the 4% Rule Right for You?

Cracking the Nest Egg - Fly to FI

This content may contain affiliate links. See the Privacy Policy for more information. Get ready to go head to head with one of the most sacred tenets in the financial independence community: The 4% Rule. *Gasps* Find out why I disagree with the traditional nest egg, what the alternatives are, and how to build your … Read moreIs the 4% Rule Right for You?