Networking: The Key to Growth and Progress

Contrary to its generally negative connotation, networking is one of the key elements for growth and progress. No, I’m not referring to the sell-life-insurance-to-your-Facebook-friends type of “networking”.

I am talking about forming real connections, attending relevant events, and garnering genuine, meaningful relationships. I credit networking for a majority of my successes in business, relationships, and life in general.… Read More

How to Travel the World with Free Accommodation

How to Travel The World With Free Accommodation - Fly to FI

From January to June of 2018, I lived in Australia on working holiday. I paid a total of $1,800 for accommodation. If I had been a bit smarter, I could have paid close to $0. But how is this possible?! In this article, I will teach you how to unlock the synergies between credit card bonuses and Airbnb accommodation.… Read More

Blogress Report – May 2018

May was the first full month that Fly to FI has been running! Every month from here on out, I will share the blog’s progress in a monthly Blogress Report. In this report, I will detail my monthly blog stats, income statement, growth strategies, future blog goals and more. Follow along each month as the Fly to FI community continues to grow!… Read More

The Problems with Cash

The Problems with Cash

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We are slowly moving toward a cashless society. For those who value optimization, this is great news! Cash is inefficient and inconvenient. If cash were to become obsolete tomorrow, I would be ecstatic (sorry drug dealers). Let’s break down some of the reasons why cash is sub-optimal at best.… Read More

UberEats Bicycle – Skinny Waist, Skinny Wallet

Cody of Fly to FI delivering UberEats

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“But Cody, you’re supposed to be cool and successful, not some UberEats delivery guy!”

Don’t worry, I have a perfectly good explanation for this. Let me tell you the backstory as to why I currently deliver UberEats as a side hustle. I will also highlight the ups and downs of UberEats on a bicycle (pun intended).… Read More

The Journey Begins

Fly to FI The Journey Begins

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Hey There!

So you’ve stumbled across my blog… Welcome! I am here to guide you toward financial independence, self-fulfillment, and life optimization. Here I will share every valuable piece of information I have learned and continue to learn. I’ll break down all the technical mumbo-jumbo and present the information in an easy-to-digest and actionable form.… Read More