Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 1

Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 1

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As many of you know, I left my corporate job back in January 2019 to pursue my entrepreneurial ventures and also to join Grant Sabatier on the Financial Freedom Book Tour. On March 4th, we kicked off the tour and will be traveling together around the country for the next three months. I want to post these weekly reviews to reflect on our experiences and remember the trip in its entirety.

We’re going to be hitting up 40+ cities on this tour, so chances are, we’ll be in a city near you! Be sure to check out the Financial Freedom Book tour page for an event in your area.

March 4th

I caught the bus from Worcester to NYC at 9:30 AM and arrived in the city at about 1:00 PM. After checking into my hotel and settling in, it was about time to head to our first event. About 30 people showed up to our launch event at the Financial Gym in downtown NYC.

It was an absolute blast just meeting people, hearing their stories, and even setting up a few future events from contacts we met there. The energy and appreciation from the attendees certainly set the vibe for the events to come!

March 5th

I checked out of my hotel at 11:00 AM and Grant came and scooped me up on the way to get the VW camper van out of the storage garage. We packed up the van with all of our stuff (and 30 boxes of books) and headed out for our next event in Philadelphia! Grant and I arrived early and did some work in a coffee shop before walking into the meetup location.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Philadelphia

Big thank you to John Hawrylack and Bob Haines for coordinating and especially to Mark Malfara for hosting us in his office. We talked a lot about the mindset behind Financial Freedom and had some deep conversations about meaning, peace, and life. Such an awesome group to network with!

After the event was over at 9:30 PM, we drove two hours to Thurmont, Maryland to stay the night before our event the next morning.

March 6th

Grant and I woke up at 7:30 AM to speak at Catoctin High School in Thurmont, Maryland. We spoke to about 150 students and then met with the Millionaire’s Club afterward to give more insight and answer more detailed questions.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Thurmont MD

Afterward, we sat in Frederick Coffee Company and crushed work for a couple of hours before our dinner meetup event. We met up with a group of 20 for dinner and drinks at Blue Side Tavern and chatted for a couple of hours before we had to head back to DC to catch the tail end of Grant’s dad’s birthday. A big thank you to Rob Phelan for your help and coordination with both of these events!

March 7th

This was our first day with no formal events booked. We spent a majority of the day fixing up the van to get it in tip-top shape. We installed custom LED lights, fixed the faulty battery, organized our supplies, stuffed insulation in the door panels, cleaned the inside and outside, and a whole bunch of other things.

The van was named “Tom” after one of Grant’s family friends who is an expert in VW campers. After staying up til’ 3 AM working on maintenance and customization, we called it a night.

March 8th

Grant and I still had some work to do on the van, so we worked on it for a couple of hours in the morning. Around 2:00 PM Jonathan Mendonsa from ChooseFI to hang out and prepare for our mega event in DC that night at Capitol City Brewing Company.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Washington DC

We headed out around 5:00 PM to set up for the event. The venue was a private room in the brewery and we had nearly 200 people show up. It was an amazing event and the support from the community was overwhelming… some people traveled up to 3 hours just to be there! Definitely, an event to remember.

March 9th

We left DC around 8:30 AM for our event in Richmond, Virginia at 11:00. The venue was a quaint little place called Fountain Bookstore in the historic district (there were literally cobblestone roads). The event was an hour presentation followed by Q&A and book signing.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Richmond VA

Afterward, we grabbed lunch with David from Fiology at a Mexican restaurant and chatted about the FI movement. Since we had to be in Raleigh the next morning, we decided to head South immediately after our late lunch. On our way, we signed up for Planet Fitness (which is a goldmine for travelers since you can workout AND shower at any location in the country) then parked at the NC State Fairgrounds Campground for the night.

March 10th

Our first night of van camping was awesome and we both woke up well rested and ready to rock. We left the site around 10:30 AM for our first brunch event at 11:00 with the Raleigh FinCon group. The restaurant, Over the Falls Deli, was conveniently located right next to Page 158 Books, where we had an event booked for 1:15 PM.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Raleigh NC

Grant gave a presentation and was interviewed by another author before we moved into Q&A and book signing. Next, we headed back across Raleigh to Niche Wine Lounge for a meetup event with a few of the local groups in the area. None of this would have been possible without the help of Sylvia Inks, so big shout out to her! After the events, we headed down to Wilmington, NC and spent the night in a parking spot overlooking the beach.

Now on to Week 2!

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  1. I’ve been following along on Facebook! Trying to catch the Friday Q&A when I can. I’m gonna get into the podcast soon! Great work guys.

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