Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 3

Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 3

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Another week on the road and we’re still having a great time. This community has made so many amazing events possible and we could not be more grateful. It’s crazy to think we made it all the way from Montgomery to Albuquerque this week! The weather has been great as we move westward through the South — definitely better than home in the Northeast!

As we continue to book new venues, be sure to check out the Financial Freedom Book tour page for an event in your area.

March 18th

We woke up overlooking the gulf water at our campground in Mobile, Alabama. After breakfast, we started our trek down to New Orleans and arrived around 11:00 AM. We parked the van in the French Quarters and walked around the downtown area for a few hours.

We grabbed coffee and beignets at the infamous Cafe Du Monde and stopped in a really cool antique store called M.S. Rau. Tom (the van) was making a strange sound so we fed him some engine oil and that seemed to do the trick. We did some laundry and walked around Armstrong Park while we waited.

Financial Freedom Book Tour New Orleans Meetup

At 5:30, we headed over to the New Orleans Public Library where our event was and Grant gave his presentation and Q&A until around 7:00. Afterward, we met up with the local group at the Pythian market across the street for some food and drinks (A big thank you to Hong Le for organizing). We left New Orleans at 9:00 PM and made way for our campground near Baton Rouge for the night.

March 19th

The campground was literally in the middle of nowhere; I woke up in the middle of the night to the pack of the loudest coyotes I’ve ever heard. We headed out of our campground around 8:30 AM toward Houston for our next event.

After about 3 hours of driving, we stopped for lunch at a place that specialized in boudin and cracklins. Apparently, boudin is a rice, meat, and seasoning mixture stuffed into a sausage casing and cracklins are little fried pork rinds. It was really tasty.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Frank's Backyard

We got in a Planet Fitness workout and shower before arriving at Frank’s Backyard for our meetup event at 6:00 PM. Shout out to Matt Foucheaux for coordinating our Houston events. We had about 30 people show up to the event and I got a chance to chat with almost everyone. That night, we crashed with Rich from PF Geeks and his wife, McKinzie (thanks for the Southern hospitality!).

March 20th

We left Rich’s house around 8:30 AM and drove down to League City to meet Bobby from Millennial Money Man and his wife, Coral for breakfast at Skippers. After, Grant and I found a local coffee shop called Art of Coffee to hang out, get some WiFi, and do some much needed catching up online.

We cooked lunch on Tom’s stove in the parking lot and then headed to Planet Fitness for our pre-event workout and shower. The event ran from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at River Oaks Bookstore in downtown Houston. Grant gave a presentation followed by Q&A and then we got a chance to chat one-on-one with some of the attendees.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Houston Bookstore

Before leaving Houston, we met up with Rich and McKinzie again for dinner at Pluckers, their favorite wing place. We finally got to our campground in Cedar Creek, TX around 12:30 AM and passed out within minutes.

March 21st

We left the campground at 8:00 AM for Tom’s oil change at 8:30. We were told that the van “probably wouldn’t break down” and left feeling reassured. We met with Jonas, a talented videographer and one of Grant’s friends, at a local cafe downtown before lunch.

After, we headed for Black’s BBQ at the suggestion of several locals. The food was absolutely phenomenal. On our way back into the city, we stopped at South Austin Music to pick up a guilele (guitar and ukelele hybrid) to jam out on the road. At that point, it was about 3:00 PM and there was still plenty of sun to enjoy before our meetup event.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Colorado River

Grant and I rented a two-person kayak and went paddling down the Colorado River to experience the amazing scenery and weather. We showed up to the WeWork office for meetup event at 5:45 and hung out there until 7:45 after a presentation with Q&A. Shout out to Johanna Porter for coordinating.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Austin Meetup

We ended the night at Terry Black’s BBQ for dinner (oddly similar name to lunch … I know) and then crashed at Sarah and Scott’s house for the night. The southern hospitality here is unreal — thanks, guys!

March 22nd

We got a full night’s rest and hit the road at 9:30 AM after a delicious breakfast prepared by Scott. After frantically realizing that we were in a different time zone, we pulled over in a Walmart parking lot to record our weekly 11:00 AM Facebook Live Q&A.

Afterward, we set out on our 3.5-hour drive to Dallas. After a few hours of driving and a gas and lunch stop, we ended up getting to Dallas around 3:00 PM. We were just in time for our 4:00 PM FinCon meetup event at the Ginger Man, where we enjoyed some delicious Texan beers and chatted with a bunch of awesome members in the community.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Dallas FinCon Meetup

Around 7:00 PM we headed north to stay with PT Money for the night. We grabbed some dinner, chatted about new ventures, caught up on life, and then called it a night around 11 PM to prepare for our two events the next day.

March 23rd

We woke up around 7:30 and PT prepared us a bacon and eggs breakfast to start the day right. We left his house around 8:45 to catch our 10:00 AM event at DeSoto Public Library (all made possible by Jen Ortiz). Grant gave a talk, answered some questions, and then we mingled for a little before leaving the library around 12:30 PM.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Dallas Meetup

We parked in the historic district in Grapevine, TX, walked around, then grabbed lunch at Tolbert’s — the famous chili spot downtown. By then, it was time to head to our meetup event at Hop and Sting Brewing Co. at 3:30. Good beer, interesting people, and just an overall awesome event (Thank you Keir for helping to coordinate!). We left around 7:30 PM and spent the next 6 hours driving to Amarillo, TX to camp the night.

March 24th

The reason why we had to travel 6 hours the night before was to make some headway toward our event in Albuquerque (I may have gotten a little ambitious with booking events). Anyway, we woke up around 8:30 AM and hit the road by 9:00 to finish the remaining 5-hour trek to Albuquerque.

We made a quick pit stop in Santa Rosa for lunch and finally arrived at the bookstore at 2:30 PM for our 3:00 event. Grant gave a talk and signed some books to a highly engaged crowd. We asked them what we should do after the event was over and the unanimous recommendation was Santa Fe.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Albuquerque Drive

So, as you might have guessed, after leaving the event we drove an hour north into Santa Fe. We explored the downtown area and grabbed a bite to eat before visiting the also highly recommended Meow Wolf museum. It blew my expectations out of the water! After getting booted from one location, we finally ended up finding a campsite 10 miles south of the city for the night.

If you missed last week, make sure to check out Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 2!

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  1. Wow! You did get overambitious in your book tour. Sorry I missed the one in DC- it was by just a week! I get tired being in the car for 45 minutes- not sure how you did it for hours on end. This sounds like an awesome book tour (and done very frugally, too!)

    • It’s okay. We’ll have to catch you next time we are in town! It’s really crazy how cheap you can travel with the van life — you’re totally right!

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