Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 6

Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 6

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What a crazy week we’ve had. The beginning of the week was filled with extraordinary nature — driving along Highway 1 and camping in the Redwood forest. By the middle of the week, we had made it Portland and started to catch up with friends and host some fun meetup events. Unfortunately, toward the end of the week, Grant was forced to fly home for a family emergency while I hung out in Seattle.

As we continue on this journey, be sure to check out the Financial Freedom Book tour page for an event in your area.

April 8th

I woke up around 8:00 AM and ripped an early morning Planet Fitness session to start the day. Then, after I got back, showered, and packed up, I took an Uber over to Grant and his wife’s hotel. We dropped her off at the airport around noon and then started heading north up the coast.

Our first destination for the day was Muir Woods, a historic national park and the southernmost point of the Redwood forest. Grant and I took a 2-hour again through the massive trees and just admired the natural beauty of the park. The oxygen was so rich there it was like being hooked up to a breathing mask.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Muir Woods

Toward the end of our little adventure, it started to rain so we got back in Tom (the van) and continued to head north up the coast. We finally found a KOA in Willits, CA and camped out for the night.

April 9th

We hit the road around 9:00 AM and headed toward the coastal town of Mendocino. On the way, we stopped at one of the drive-through Redwood trees. Tom tried his best but he was an inch too tall to make it through… maybe next time.

Around 1:00 PM, we finally arrived in Mendocino to grab some lunch. Grant wanted to stop in the Mendocino Café but it was closed so we had to go with a different lunchery. After lunch, we parked the car down by the rocky cliffs and walked out toward the water. The view was beautiful, but the one downside was the 40 mph winds.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Mendocino CA

We left Mendocino and set course for the Humboldt Redwoods State Park to find a campground. After seeing that the first campground was closed, we started to get a bit worried, but luckily we found a spot at Burlington campground right in the middle of the Redwood forest. We made a fire, hung out at our picnic table for a while, then hit the hay.

April 10th

I got one of the most peaceful nights of sleep since the start of our road trip. The massive Redwood trees deafened the forest sounds and blocked out nearly all of the sunlight. Surprisingly, we had WiFi service so we spent a couple of hours catching up on work.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Burlington Campgrounds

Around 10:00 AM we packed up and headed north along Highway 101. The road traced the coast so we were adjacent to the ocean almost the entire time — it was dope. After fending off our hunger for as long as possible, we stopped in Arcata for a late breakfast at The Blue Cafe. Then, we hit the road again for several hours until we finally arrived at Beachfront RV Park in Brookings, OR at 4:00 PM.

It was nice to get to our campground before dark for once. I was able to workout, edit a full podcast, and catch up on a bunch of work before we shut down and went to bed.

April 11th

We woke up to the sound of pouring rain and then, after checking the weather, decided to take Highway 5 (instead of the beautiful coastal drive) to Portland. It was a long 7-hour drive, but we finally made it into the city around 6:00 PM.

Shortly after our Portland arrival, we met J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly at Pok Pok chicken for dinner and drinks and did a lot of catching up. After we finished dinner, we were having such a good time that we decided to take it back to J.D.’s place for some drinks in his writing shed (yes, you read that right).

Financial Freedom Book Tour JD Roth's Shed

After an awesome hangout session, we retreated to Tom and crashed for the night outside of J.D.’s house.

April 12th

Around 7:00 AM we got up and hit the road to visit our home away from home — Planet Fitness — for a much-needed workout and shower. Feeling fully refreshed and ready to rock, we went and found a local coffee shop, Southeast Grind, to post up and catch up on a ton of work.

We literally worked from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (with a lunch break in between … we’re not psychos). Grant finished up his 2018 taxes and I worked on some currently unannounced, but exciting new projects.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Monica Louie at Base Camp Brewery

Our meetup that night was scheduled from 7:00 to 10:00 PM at Base Camp Brewing Co., so we made sure to get there around 6:30 to reserve some tables. We had a lot of fun meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and enjoying some local food and craft beer!

After the event, we drove an hour north toward Seattle to a KOA in Longview North to pass out for the night.

April 13th

On a mission to get to Seattle for breakfast, we woke up and left the KOA around 7:30 AM. We made it downtown around 10:00 AM and grabbed a delicious breakfast at NAME. After checking out the Pike Place market, we headed 30 minutes north to see Grant’s childhood friend Nick in Edmonds, WA.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Seattle Market

Unfortunately, during this time, Grant had a family emergency and had to book a flight home that night back to NYC at 11:00 PM. With a few hours left before Grant’s flight, we went to hang out at Angela from Tread Lightly Retire Early‘s house for a meetup with a bunch of awesome FIRE community people!

We watched the new Playing with FIRE documentary after chatting and drinking for a couple of hours. Around 10:00 PM, Grant took an Uber to the airport and I followed J from Millennial Boss and her husband Doug back to their house for the night to crash.

April 14th

We congregated in the kitchen around 8:30 AM and had a huge Sunday breakfast of blueberry Paleo pancakes and eggs (thanks, Doug!). For the rest of the morning, J and I recorded content for our soon-to-be-announced Side Hustle course.

Around 12:30, J and I headed to Gasworks Park for a big FI community meetup. We had nearly 40 attendees show spanning from Grant’s email list, the local ChooseFI group, and J’s Seattle followers. As always, it was a blast connecting with some new people and learning about the idiosyncrasies of FI in the Seattle area.

Financial Freedom Book Tour Gasworks Park Meetup

The meetup ended around 3:30 PM and J and I went to grab some late lunch at a local American style restaurant. I needed gym fuel. Once we got back to the house, I put on my shorts and gym shoes and headed out with J’s husband, Doug (who happens to train the Mad Fientist).

We spent about two hours at the gym, came home, Doug cooked some delicious dinner, and then we all sat down together to watch the Game of Thrones season opener!

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