Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 8

Financial Freedom Book Tour: Week 8

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This past week was one of my favorite weeks of the entire tour. It was really nice to kick back for a few days without any events and just enjoy the beauty of Banff. I can definitely say that I’ll be back visiting in the future. Unfortunately, we had a few hiccups with our transportation (poor Tom), but we made it to Colorado alive.

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April 22nd

I got up around 8:00 and finished a bit of online work before picking Grant and his wife up at 10:30 to head to Banff. The ride was just as visually spectacular as the first time. We got into Banff around 12:30 (all starving) and sat down for lunch at Park Distillery.

Afterward, we spent some time checking out the shops and going on a short walk around the downtown area. Grant dropped me off at my hotel around 3:30 PM to check in and get settled. The Hotel, The Inns of Banff, was only $55 per night, so I was particularly amazed when I walked into a living room, kitchenette, full bedroom, balcony, and let’s not forget the spectacular view! How does this place make money??

Banff Hotel View

I got settled into my luxuriously cheap room and then headed back out into the town for a walk. On the way back, I stopped at IGA to grab a bunch of groceries and snacks for the next few days. Once back in the hotel, I headed down to the hot tub and heated pool (trust me, this was the best $55 hotel you’ve ever seen) and hung out there for a while. I caught up on some phone calls and emails before finally calling it a night around 11:30.

April 23rd

Immediately after I woke up, I felt nature calling. That sounds cheesy, but Banff is a dope place for a hike. So, I walked 1.5 miles down to the Bow River and then hit the hiking trails. I saw a sign that said “Bow Falls Viewpoint”, so I followed.

About 1 mile down the trail, I saw the falls and the infamous (and ridiculously expensive) Fairmont hotel. It looked like a fortress. After climbing down the rocks and feeling the chill of the Bow River, I decided to head back toward the hotel. I finally got back around 1:00 PM and wolfed down some lunch.

Banff Mountains 1

Since I was a little physically tired, I decided to get a bunch of side hustle work done. It was an extremely productive day. Around 6:00 I got a workout in and chilled at the pool and hot tub for a little bit. Then, I prepared my salad for dinner, finished up a few more online chores, and went to bed around 11:00.

April 24th

I woke up around 7:00 with an itch to go hiking. After getting ready and packing up my backpack with water and snacks, I trekked 2 miles to the base of Sulfur mountain (with a little bit of bus action toward the end).

As I stood at the base of the gondola and looked up, I knew I was in for a long hike. About two hours and tons of amazing views later, I had finally made it up to the summit. I stopped by the infamous abandoned radio tower and took some dope pictures. Then, I ate some of my snacks and rested my legs for 30 minutes before making the hike back down. The snow was a lot harder to navigate downhill than uphill…

Banff Sulfur Mountain View

After I got back into town, I grabbed some groceries quickly and headed back to my hotel. After eating a late lunch and in desperate need of a haircut, I found a place downtown and got a trim. I walked around the downtown area for a little while before making my way back to the hotel. After a workout, some pool and hot tub time, and some relaxation, I went to bed.

April 25th

Since I was in the beautiful town of Banff, I might as well start off every day with a hike… right? I left my hotel around 8:00 and headed toward Tunnel Mountain. This hike was much shorter than the day before, but there was still tons of beautiful forest and scenery.

I got back to my hotel around 11:00 and did my usual find-random-items-to-use-in-the-hotel-room workout. After that, the rest of the day was grind mode. I caught up on a TON of things and created a bunch of content as well. I was definitely feeling accomplished.

Banff Downtown

That night, I walked downtown and grabbed a couple of drinks at the Hostel Beaver Bar. I met a couple of cool Australians and one guy from Argentina. I left the bar around midnight to make sure I wouldn’t be hanging too hard for my 6:00 AM wake up the next day.

April 26th

I rolled out of bed at 6:00 (ish) and started the day with a morning workout before packing everything up. Grant and his wife came to pick me up around 8:00 to head to the Calgary airport for her flight home to New York. We dropped her off and ended up leaving the airport around 10:30 AM.

Realizing that we had to be in Denver the following night, which was a 16-hour drive via our GPS (which meant 20+ hours in Tom time), we decided to head south until we got tired. After a few hours, we made it to the Canada-America border. Unfortunately, the border patrol folks were not fond of our baby redwood tree “Red” and our succulent plant. After more than an hour of waiting, we had to depart with both of our green friends.

Red and Succulent

A little past midnight, we finally arrived at our campground in Billings, Montana for the night. We were absolutely exhausted from driving. We definitely needed some rest before another 12-hour drive the next day!

April 27th

The sun woke us both up around 7:30 in our KOA campground. I slept surprisingly well. After our morning routine and getting the van all packed up, we began our trek to Denver. We drove straight until 1:00 PM before stopping for a quick on-the-go lunch and then continued the journey.

We were chugging along just fine until we heard a loud banging sound coming from the driver’s side of the vehicle. After pulling over and checking out the issue, we saw that both the interior and exterior sidewalls of the front driver’s side tire had been torn to shreds. We were about 10 minutes south of Buffalo, Wyoming and still 6+ hours from Denver.

Tom Getting Fixed

Fortunately, Triple A sent a guy to help us get the lug nuts off with his hydraulic gun (they were too tight to get off by hand) and we were back on the road. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t make it to the event that night at Improper City Brewing. The tire had set us back a full two hours. We finally got into Longmont, CO around 9:00 PM and found a nearby campground to crash for the night.

April 28th

This was one of the warmest mornings we’ve had in a while. It was 71 degrees and sunny by 8:30 AM and we were definitely feeling the good vibes. We hit up Planet Fitness, our home away from home, for a nice workout and a shower. Afterward, we started to head down toward Boulder, CO to meet a guy from Twitter for coffee.

I chatted with Dave (the Twitter guy) for a while and we also met another interesting guy named JP at the coffee shop. Seeing as how we had access to decent WiFi, we took full advantage and caught up on some online work. Grant met up with another one of his online followers and I continued to take advantage of the WiFi situation.

Boulder Colorado

We left the coffee shop around 4:30 PM and headed to Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont. We actually had no idea they were headquartered there, but the beer was phenomenal! After a few beers and some dinner, we returned to the same campground as the night before.

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