FIRE Below Zero Podcast Launched!

FIRE Below Zero Podcast Launched!

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Founder at Fly to FI
Cody is a personal finance junkie who constantly tracks his net worth with Personal Capital.

He also runs Side Hustle Courses that teach others how to make $$$ outside of their day job through blogging, Etsy, and freelancing.
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This is the day that TJ from Half Life Theory and I have been waiting for. After hundreds of hours of work, countless mistakes, and a hell of a lot of determination, we have finally launched our podcast, FIRE Below Zero!

First, I would just like to thank the entire financial independence community for supporting me throughout my growth as a blogger, and now as a podcaster. If ‘January 1st, 2018′ Cody could see me now, he would be at a loss for words. I have grown exponentially this year by jumping head first into projects and side hustles that I would never have dreamed about starting before.

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“What Makes You Different?”

FIRE Below Zero was built on the premise that FIRE can be achieved under ANY conditions … no matter your background, income level, education level, race, gender, etc. On the podcast, we focus on financial independence, personal development, and life optimization. Our unique twist is that we really have a strong focus on building income. We believe that each and every one of you is capable of increasing your earning power, whether it’s in your nine-to-five job or side hustles.

TJ and I are both currently in our twenties and think that we can leverage our age and introduce “A Cooler Approach to Financial Independence” – That’s our tagline anyway 😉

Our goals are to crowdsource ideas from this community and extract the life optimization skills from all of the intelligent people “hiding behind the scenes” – as TJ likes to say. If we are able to discover these secrets and share them with you on the podcast, we can all live a more optimized and intentional life.

In addition to the life optimization and financial knowledge that we’ll be dropping on you… I’d like to think that TJ and I are both pretty fun guys to listen to! I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Help Us Grow!

It’s hard for a new podcast, blog, or anything to grow without support from the community. If you listen to the introductory episode and like what you hear, please leave a review! More importantly, share this podcast with people who might benefit from the message we are spreading. If you choose to listen, thank you so much and we really appreciate each and every one of you.

Special Bonus: In order to properly introduce this special bonus, I’ll have to give you a little bit of background…

I have hundreds of hours of experience editing audio … nope, not with podcasts though. Waaay back in my high school and early college days, I used to rap… A LOT. Long story short (TJ mentions this in Episode 001 | Lighting the Fire), I will release an FI-themed verse if we get to 50 ratings/reviews on the podcast.

So even if you absolutely hate what you’re hearing, you can at least leave a blank 5-star review to hear this FIRE verse 🙂 … You know what they say “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

Posting Schedule

Our current plan is to release an episode every Tuesday. This may change to twice a week, but we’re going to run with once per week at first.

“But Cody the first episode was released on Saturday?”

We chose to launch our podcast yesterday because August 25th is a very special date. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday, who passed away at the end of 2017. The last big accomplishment he was here for was my college graduation.

He played an instrumental part in my frugality mindset and helping me understand the power of investing early and compound interest. My dad was an amazing role model and selfless parent. He supported me in all of my endeavors, but the one thing he couldn’t get on board with was the idea of financial independence.

After I discovered the FIRE movement at age 19, I would send him articles, podcasts, and anything to convince him that this was possible. Despite my valiant efforts, he didn’t believe me. He’d say things like “You just never know what’s gonna happen, bud”.  He couldn’t fathom that I could leave the nine-to-five grind and support myself through my entrepreneurial ventures.

Since his passing, I have launched this blog and now the FIRE Below Zero Podcast. I want to … no, I WILL prove to him that this life is possible. This is just the beginning of my journey.

Give It a Listen!

Well, that’s enough of me talking about the damn thing… how about you give it a listen!

Unfortunately, it takes a few days for our podcast to get picked up by the major networks (iTunes, Google Podcasts, etc.), but you can listen on Stitcher or directly on the website.

001 | Lighting the FIRE

Again, thank you so much for checking out the FIRE Below Zero Podcast! We can’t wait to grow and spread knowledge throughout this whole community. You can join our FIRE Below Zero Facebook Group to continue the discussion after each episode. Please use this group as a resource to share opinions, ideas, and more actionable tips!

Feel free to connect with FIRE Below Zero on social media as well!



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Thanks again for all your support. We really appreciate it!

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8 thoughts on “FIRE Below Zero Podcast Launched!”

  1. Hey Cody,

    I don’t see your podcast on my default app Pocket Casts, any chance you can get it added there?


  2. Cody, this is going to be great! I’m excited for you and TJ (I need to start checking out his writing!) and this endeavor.

    My biggest complaint of the FI community is that there isn’t enough emphasis placed on increasing your income (particularly on the W-2 side) which is why my blogging buddy and I started our site. Want that next promotion, we’ll show you how!

    Keep getting after it my friend, you guys are going to get this going and fast.

    • Thanks Cooper! We definitely agree with you on the increasing income front (whether that’s through a W-2 job or through entrepreneurial ventures)… there’s just not enough emphasis on that in the FI community.

      That will certainly be a focus of the podcast and we hope that people can extract value from each episode and start to live a more intentional life.

      By the way, how do I comment on your blog?? I’ve tried a few times but it says I have to make an account or something… so I’ve just resorted to Instagram to share my thoughts instead lol.

      Anyway, I always enjoy reading your content so keep doing what you’re doing!

        • Yeah, I really think that switching to WordPress commenting would help a lot with engagement and interacting with your readers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had trouble trying to leave a comment… you guys have awesome content!

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