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Financial Independence
The state of generating sufficient passive cash flow to sustain the cost of your current lifestyle in perpetuity.

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Hi! I’m Cody — a young entrepreneur on a quest to optimize my life and achieve financial independence. Learn all about my origin, motives, philosophy, and hobbies on the About page.

Whether you’re hearing about financial independence for the first time or a seasoned FI veteran, Fly to FI is the place for you. On this website, I share all of the useful information I learn about financial independence, self-fulfillment, and life optimization in real time. Together, we can learn from my trials and tribulations and you can discover what your ideal life looks like. I constantly aim to produce the highest-quality content and share the most informative, actionable advice. If this sounds like a community you’d like to join, the best way to stay connected is through the Fly to FI Newsletter.


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