Know Your Blogger – Mind The Gap Financial

  1. Name or Alias: Nickel and Dime
  2. Website URL: Mind The Gap Financial 
  3. Favorite Food: Nickel: cookies, Dime: cheese and tuna pasta
  4. Alcoholic Beverage of Choice: Nickel: rum & ginger ale, Dime: gin &tonic
  5. Favorite Animal: Both: dog
  6. Favorite Book: Nickel: Beach Music by Pat Conroy, Dime: A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley
  7. Favorite Movie: Nickel: Labyrinth, Dime: The Thomas Crowne Affair (’99 remake with Dennis Leary)
  8. Favorite Artist/Band: Nickel: Tom Petty, Dime: Hall and Oates
  9. Favorite Vacation Spot: Nickel: the mountains, Dime: Washington state
  10. If you were trapped on a desert island, what three items would you bring?
    1. Nickel: sunscreen, Dime: E-45 cream
    2. Nickel: coffee, Dime: teabags
    3. Nickel: toothbrush, Dime: UHT milk