Know Your Blogger – Sunday Brunch Cafe

  1. Name or Alias: Sundaybrunchcafe
  2. Website URL: Sunday Brunch Cafe
  3. Favorite Food: Pizza!
  4. Alcoholic Beverage of Choice:‘Inoffensive’ beer. None of the craft stuff with too much character lol
  5. Favorite Animal: Elephants! The internet tells me they think we’re cute!
  6. Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice. I get something new from it every time I reread it
  7. Favorite Movie: Up.
  8. Favorite Artist/Band: Passenger – to go from busking to sold out venues is incredible!
  9. Favorite Vacation Spot: Zanzibar!
  10. If you were trapped on a desert island, what three items would you bring?
    1. A book on how to build boats
    2. Toolbox
    3. My boyfriend because he actually knows how to use those tools