How to Start a Website and Make Money

A step-by-step guide to building your online business - Fly to FI

In recent years, the laptop lifestyle has enchanted entrepreneurs far and wide. Creative and ambitious individuals are making money online from anywhere they can get a WiFi signal. Everybody wants to invent the million-dollar app, build a profitable hands-free business, or make fortunes in a get-rich-quick venture. Although I can’t promise that any of those … Read moreHow to Start a Website and Make Money

Cash Flow FI

Cash Flow FI Fly to FI

There are so many different subsets of financial independence or FI nowadays that it’s hard to keep track. Well, here’s another one you can add to your financial dictionary. I call it Cash Flow FI and it’s my personal approach to financial independence. This content may contain affiliate links. See the Privacy Policy for more information. Cash … Read moreCash Flow FI

Is Cash Really King?

The Problems with Cash

We are slowly moving toward a cashless society. For those who value optimization, this is great news! Cash is inefficient and inconvenient. If cash were to become obsolete tomorrow, I would be ecstatic (sorry drug dealers). Let’s break down some of the reasons why cash is sub-optimal at best. Important Note: If you are not … Read moreIs Cash Really King?

How Long Does it Take to Retire from Real Estate?

Real Estate: From Zero to Financial Independence

DOWNLOAD THE EXCEL FILE HERE (CLICK ENABLE MACROS) Let me start by saying that real estate is not for everyone. Real estate is much more time-consuming than index fund investing. Additionally, properties need repairs, tenants aren’t always great, and leverage can be scary.  However, if you are strategic in your acquisitions, you can quickly build a … Read moreHow Long Does it Take to Retire from Real Estate?

The Journey Begins

Fly to FI The Journey Begins

This content may contain affiliate links. See the Privacy Policy for more information. Hey There! So you’ve stumbled across my blog… Welcome! I am here to guide you toward financial independence, self-fulfillment, and life optimization. Here I will share every valuable piece of information I have learned and continue to learn. I’ll break down all … Read moreThe Journey Begins