January 2019 Blogress Report – $311.81

January 2019 Blogress Report

Welcome to the Fly to FI January 2019 Blogress Report! For those of you here for the first time, I post monthly reports detailing my blog stats, income statement, growth strategies, and more! I hope that you get some value out of this report and enjoy reading about my progress. Follow along each month as … Read moreJanuary 2019 Blogress Report – $311.81

How to Prepare to Get FIREd

Fighting Fired with FIRE

In order to tell this story, I have to jump way back to my high school glory days. Long story short … I used to rap (a lot). In my defense, I didn’t just rap about nonsense. I was always into lyricism and wordplay. Anyway, someone at work found out about this fun fact and … Read moreHow to Prepare to Get FIREd