Why You Aren’t Really Saving

The Savings Paradox - Fly to FI

This post was inspired by a discussion I recently read in one of my active Facebook groups. Some members of the financial independence community felt targeted by the stereotypes attributed to the “typical non-FI” person. These stereotypes include eating at restaurants frequently, paying for cable, indulging in daily lattes, going out for drinks, and many … Read moreWhy You Aren’t Really Saving

Is the 4% Rule Right for You?

Cracking the Nest Egg - Fly to FI

This content may contain affiliate links. See the Privacy Policy for more information. Get ready to go head to head with one of the most sacred tenets in the financial independence community: The 4% Rule. *Gasps* Find out why I disagree with the traditional nest egg, what the alternatives are, and how to build your … Read moreIs the 4% Rule Right for You?

How to Open an M1 Finance Account

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If you haven’t heard of M1 Finance, it’s the best new online investment platform. The company offers the perfect blend of self-directed and robo-advised investment options. In late 2017 the investment firm decided to cut all robo-advising and management fees from their platform. As of this writing, they are the only completely free robo-advisory firm on … Read moreHow to Open an M1 Finance Account