How to Achieve a 50% Savings Rate (or Better!)

How to Achieve a 50% Savings Rate Header

The legendary 50% savings rate – for some it seems unattainable. But, the truth of the matter is that it’s just simple math. The math is the easy part, though. In order for this to actually work you will have to (1) track your spending, (2) control each expense category, and (3) save the difference.

This post will show you exactly how much you can spend at various income levels in each of your expense categories in order to achieve a 50% savings rate (or better).… Read More

How To Beat The Expense Ratio

How To Beat The Expense Ratio

In the personal finance community, people tend to focus all of their energy on the minutia and forget what actually matters. They get sucked into the rabbit hole of “Which fund is best?” or “How can I reduce my expense ratio by .01%?” However, none of these small details make a dent compared to how much money you contribute.… Read More