What is My Time Worth?

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Everybody has a price. If I asked you to write me one paragraph for $100,000, of course, you’d say yes, right? However, if I offered you $0.01 to write that same paragraph I can’t imagine you’d jump on the opportunity. But how do you decide when the opportunity is right? When is it “worth it” … Read moreWhat is My Time Worth?

3 Entrepreneurs Who Retired Early and How

Frugality and Entrepreneurship Combination

Lately, I have been closely studying a lot of the hyper-successful people within and around my niche – personal finance, but more specifically, entrepreneurs who retired early. What makes these individuals so successful? Well, after reflecting on this question over the past several weeks, I think I’ve finally figured it out. The magic formula for … Read more3 Entrepreneurs Who Retired Early and How

6 Simple Strategies to Increase Productivity

I am not a genius. I am no more capable than you are. However, I have achieved things that other people say they could “never do”. Today, I want to share these strategies and tricks with you so that you too can have a slight edge. You only have to be 1% better to get … Read more6 Simple Strategies to Increase Productivity