“What is My Time Worth?”

What is My Time Worth Header

Everybody has a price. If I asked you to write me one paragraph for $100,000, of course, you’d say yes, right? However, if I offered you $0.01 to write that same paragraph I can’t imagine you’d jump on the opportunity. But how do you decide when the opportunity is right? When is it “worth it” … Read more“What is My Time Worth?”

Frugality and Entrepreneurship: An Unstoppable Combination

Frugality and Entrepreneurship Combination

Lately, I have been closely studying a lot of the hyper-successful people within and around my niche – personal finance, but more specifically, financial independence and entrepreneurship. What makes these individuals so successful? Well, after reflecting on this question over the past several weeks, I think I’ve finally figured it out. The magic formula for … Read moreFrugality and Entrepreneurship: An Unstoppable Combination

Scalability: Work Smarter Not Harder


There are two types of people in this world — those who control money and those who are controlled by money. If you identify as the latter, my goal is to transform you into the former by the end of this article. This simple principle is the reason why the rich become richer and the poor … Read moreScalability: Work Smarter Not Harder

The Slight Edge: 1% Makes All The Difference

I am not a genius. I am no more capable than you are. However, I have achieved things that other people say they could “never do”. Today, I want to share these strategies and tricks with you so that you too can have a slight edge. You only have to be 1% better to get … Read moreThe Slight Edge: 1% Makes All The Difference